Who is your perfect blood type match?

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We at Datebytype.com believe that the most important issue in dating is the rhesus factor. After 3 years of extensive studies we have concluded that
1) Rh negative people are usually compatible and understand each others best.
2) When having children together, the rh disease is being avoided.

Matching people based on their blood types is not too different from matching blood donors and receivers, except that we believe in keeping the rh negative men exclusively for the rh negative women. Studies have also shown that there are more rh negative women than men in this world, so the shortage is there to justify our action.

Love comes when you least expect it and once it happens, there is no turning back. Because of that, our matching service will show you results from those you are not going to have problems with when it comes to getting pregnant and having healthy babies without the need of being vaccinated.

Here is who we believe you are going to match best with when it comes to blood type dating:

For females:

O Negative Women:

Women who are O negative seem to have a tougher time getting pregnant than women with other blood types. Their best bet is an O negative man. Because of their lack of alleles, a man without the alleles matches perfectly and their chance of getting pregnant together is a lot higher than with a man who has the alleles. O negative women are very headstrong and an O negative man balances them and completes them while an AB for example might be easy to handle, but not set the premise for a long term fulfilling and exciting marriage. Both O negative men and O negative women are doing best when the person they are with "gets them" and they can act freely without having to explain themselves within a true connection where trust is a guarantee.
Being very emotional beings, O negative women tend to freak out men other than Os and As because they do not hold back their happiness or their frustration. An O negative couple is the type of couple which moves mountains together as they both in their unity tend to allow one another to be themselves and catch the other when they feel the other is down, while for example a B positive man would probably miss the signs an O negative man will read naturally.

A Negative Women:

A negative women do best with an A negative man, but an AB negative can do as well. O negative men are also an option, even though an A negative woman being used to having authority over those other than the O negatives is often used to having her own way and may view an O negative man as intrusive. A negative women need someone who can see through them and gives them a reality check when they are disappearing into their own world, and an A negative man is most suited for that. AB negative men also have something in regards to a "natural line" to them, but when an A negative woman and an A negative man come together, it is important that their connection is based on similar interests while an A negative couple can just be around each others and complete one another. If an O negative man and an A negative woman are together, it is important that the man already has something to show for, because if he struggles, it can lead to the couple to become a distraction in one another's mission.

Just like with O negative women, A negative women are very sensitive and in deep need of connecting. Once finding the right partner, they are not likely to cheat and when not with the right partner, they are searching until they find someone right enough.

A negative women can be happy short-term with a B negative or an A positive, but those relationships do not last and sometimes lead to breakups in which their partner does not easily let go.

Because of our conviction that the best way to focus is long-term from the get-go, we first show an A negative woman the A negative men in the results, then the AB negatives and finally the O negative men.

Our recommendation to A negative women:

Do not worry about the blood types of the potential partners we are showing you as it is more important for you to use your instinct based on the overall vibe a potential love interest gives you and if you are not matching in terms of feeling safe, secure as well as excited at the same time, keep looking through the potential matches or only focus on the A negative men and be patient ... one will turn out to become yours!

B Negative Women:

As with all rh negative females, a partner with the same blood type is perfectly suitable. But AB negatives can bring something new into the relationships that the others can't. An AB negative can help a B negative woman stay grounded without being too overpowering and posing as a threat.

O negative men can also work, but are not likely to be happy unless there is a mutual benefit within the relationship aside from love. Because of that, O negative men and B negative woman can be a good couple if their careers are similar and their goals are often higher than personal life. In other words: Both are able to focus on what their stages require of them while having a reliable partner who is equally determined.

A negative men are not as likely to be a good match, because A negative men can be very sensitive and in need of someone who appreciates that in them rather than viewing it as a hurdle.

When in a relationship with a B positive man, a B negative woman often loses her sense of having a mission in life and tends to look for completion outside of their relationship, which is why we do not show B positive matches to B negative women.

Our recommendation for B negative women is the one we have turned into a match-making system where AB negative men and B negative men are being shown randomly. Please make sure you actually read what your potential partner writes in the introduction part to ensure that both of you are pulling at the same string so to speak. When that is the case and the blood type matches, it can be one of the best matches blood type dating can possibly produce.

AB Negative Women:

AB negative women tend to be very tolerant with someone who makes their lives better, even if there is not too much of a connection present. Since an A, AB or B man are equally pleasant for them, we have to take a look into the men now to see for which of them the relationship would be best. In other words: AB negative women are ok with someone who is happy with them, and most likely that person would be a B or an AB.

A B negative man requires commitment and will treat you great if he feels that from you, but if it isn't there, it would be best to start packing your bags. A negative men can work, but they are not likely to be willing to be the only ones that make it work, so it is important for you to decide whether this person is worth going all the way for.

With an AB negative man there is less risk, as both of you can easily part ways and remain friends and in some affairs even get back together to join into a great relationship that lasts a lifetime, or at least for a good few years.

Be sure that you believe that you can actually make the potential partner happy when reading through their profile as it all stands or falls with the other person. AB is the universal receiver and as an AB negative a woman is the universal receiver making her easy to match. Because of that it is important to ensure that whoever you wind up with is really planning to make this work rather than simply "giving it a try".

O Positive Women:

O positive women match well with O positive and A positive men and can be matched with an O negative man if their are deeply connected to the point where they are not likely to let everyday challenges interfere with their relationships. An A positive man can sometimes feel overpowered, so it is very important for an I positive woman to have a surrounding of outlets to enable her to exercise her visions and impulses without having too much pressure put on her A positive man. With O positive men however, they seem to click and that is something that goes further than words and situations. When deciding on a potential love match, give O positive men a chance and if looking through A positives, tend to focus on their overall expressed goals to see if there is more to just a face on the web. Other important points to look for: Does he want children?

A Positive Women:

A positive women will be happy with a man who is either A positive or A negative, but are likely to feel trapped with a potential AB positive relationship candidate. In some cases an AB positive man and an A positive woman are going to be happy if the overall social setting gives both sides room to breathe elsewhere. An O positive man can work, but requires more. Meaning: More of a lifestyle suiting his ideas of how a relationship should be, which he might mean well with, but is not always timed perfectly to adjust how the A positive woman currently stands in her life settings.

An A negative man however tends to withdraw if the A positive woman allows outside forces to disrupt their harmony, which is one reason why rh negative/rh positive relationships can be quite challenging. Hint: He doesn't care if your uncle doesn't think he should wear a certain type of shoes, he will continue putting them on if he is comfortable. Not saying it cannot work, but for an A positive woman, we believe that the best results are A positive men and AB positive men if the chemistry is right and both have fun together and everything comes to take place naturally.

B Positive Women:

B positive women are in need of someone strong, and O positive and B positive men are a good match-up. A positive men can be too emotional and are not recommended unless there is perfect balance of lifestyles involved, which can make a relationship exciting, but not always set the pace for something that can easily overcome a change in life situations too far from how things were when both have first met and fallen in love. A B positive woman needs to be positive and feels that way when her partner keeps her that way and an O positive or B positive man seems to have that touch. But beware: If the potential partner is not ready to commit, do not keep yourself from exploring other avenues, because if both sides have a strong will, compromise is not always easily achieved and sometimes letting go of the bird will bring his love back to you quicker and stronger.

AB Positive Women:

AB positive women like to be entertained and don't want to have a life that is surrounded by too much seriousness. An AB positive man can be great, so can an A, a B or O positive man if he meets her in the right settings and becomes infatuated with her. AB positive women are very tolerant, but often too tolerant and tend to make mistakes picking someone they like without reading potential warning signs. Best bet is a B positive or an AB positive as they are not likely to deceive them without being noticed ahead of time.

For males:

O Negative Men:

O negative men often seek comfort without challenge, but only because life can be too unnecessarily complicated for them. Because of that they often wind up in a relationship with someone not compatible due to the situation in which they came into the relationship not being one where they were actually ready to enter one. It also has to do that an O negative man can literally serve you a plate of garbage and have you beg for seconds, unless the woman is A negative or O negative. O negative men are used to being in charge, so whoever lets them, they are ok with, unless there is a good exchange of energy which an O or A negative woman can easily provide. While most people in this society are used to finding comfort, an O negative man and an O negative woman are always going to search for their instinct driven direction and the compass is always on. A relationship with a B negative woman can work, but there has to be the same goals and interests which sometimes a marriage and kids can provide, so be sure to see if he wants what you want in life.

Our results for O negative men: A and O negative women.

A Negative Men:

A negative men are happy when the other person is happy with them and when life leaves them space to explore their own interests. They often get very excited over projects not profitable and can lose themselves easily in something new. In order to keep an A negative man on the right track, an A negative woman or O negative woman are needed to make sure life continues in a way that things are productive and he recognizes his needs. A negatives are very similar to O negatives, but don't always have the same antenna guiding them. With an AB negative woman, connection can temporarily exist, but usually the man has already some other aims, unless she truly appeals to him and most of all is genuine in her appearance. B negative women can be a tough match, because the emotional needs need to be met for both and misunderstandings can easily occur. Because of that, we prefer to show A negative women first, then O negative and recommend looking for only someone with whom the sparks flow "by accident" rather than thinking "Can I make this one work?"

Our results for A negative men: A and O negative women.

B Negative Men:

B negative men do not work well with 0 negative women unless they put each others first, which is when there is a true dream come true on factors that life can unexpectedly bless two people with. But often a B negative man can tell himself something is working when it isn't, and then the effect is that the other person is trying to get a way out which is not always leaving him, but often finding escapes to be able to deal with him. B negative and AB negative women however are perfect in most cases as they understand what they are dealing with and provided with exactly the challenge that they need.

Our results for B negative men: B and AB negative women.

AB Negative Men:

AB negative men are not easy to match, but we do it anyways and we do it successfully by providing them AB negative women and B negative women. To understand why B negative women are a good match, scroll up and read more about B negative women and their matches.

O Positive Men:

O positive men are easily matched with O positive and A positive women, but not as well with those who they cannot feel like they don't truly understand. All positive types are potential matches and O negative women can be if they are O negative recessive themselves. We at Datebytype.com however believe in playing it safe providing our candidates with who we are feeling they can have the most promising future with. Because of that, we do show O positive men O and A positive women as well as B and AB positive women from time to time. Note of advice: Be sure to not let anyone tell you that you cannot be matched with someone who rh positive, because you are the universal donor for all positive types. It is just that O and A are most recommended and we prefer a balance where everyone reaches their most ideal type right away.

A,B and AB positive Men:

A, B and AB positive men all match well with AB positive women as well as A and B positive women, except that the order in which preference is being exercised, an A will first see the As, a B first the Bs and both the AB second and then the A or the B.

How well your relationship goes also depends on how far you can take it with what your current needs in life are. We highly recommend being patient and taking your time getting to know women first before deciding to go on a date. And if someone is not exactly throwing herself at you and seems more like the silent type, give her a chance, because she might be exactly who turns out to be what you need.

In a nutshell, blood type dating is more or less the safest way to date out there. Our blood type personality studies are also recommended for those of you who are interested in learning more.

Did you know that sperm banks are huge on blood type compatibility and because of that babies born through their matching process on an average experience 1/5th the frequencies of birth defects of children produced the old fashion way?

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